If you have any feedback, issues or questions about IsoSketch we'd love to hear from you. We are currently in the process of building a full in-app and website help system, as well as an online tips section and a user community discussion board. In the meantime, we will be posting common topics and questions below. And do feel free to shoot us an email at:


We'll have more to come in the FAQ section, but we've been getting some questions about these topics and wanted to get them up right away.

How do I save my own color swatches?

The "Swatches" area of the color menu is fully customizable, including the background color and grid color. You simply hold and drag a color sample from the color indicator box (center/foreground box up at the top of the color menu window above the picker) to any box in the "Swatches" area, including the "Canvas" and "Grid" boxes.

IsoSketch Help: Drag swatches

How do I change the canvas and grid colors?

See above. You follow the same process as creating a swatch, just drag the color to the Canvas or Grid box and release.

Can I work with a bigger grid?

The size of the isometric grid is fixed, but pinch - zoom is enabled, allowing you to zoom in for more detailed work, or to back out for an overview of your creations.

Tips & Tricks

Some pointers to help you get the most out of IsoSketch.

All Thumbs

The IsoSketch UI was designed to be really easy to use. One aspect of using that app that was carefully considered was the idea of drawing with one hand, and using your thumb with the other to control the toolbar to switch tools. It makes drawing that much more natural, as you don't have to be constantly moving away from the canvas. Yes, we do realize it is righty-centric, at least for now.

IsoSketch hand position








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